How to Use This Site

Welcome to the Official Community Website.

You will find all sorts of information in this site but to gain access to the official information such as your AGM minutes, bank details and to make comments you must be an owner of a property on the community. To ensure you are actually an owner we need you to register.

If You Do Not Log In You Will Not Be Able To Gain Access To The Information!

How To Register

Click on the Register/Login button on the top menu or the "Create Account" on the left column. This will take you to the registration page where you will need to complete the form.

Name: Enter your real name. This will be used to identify you as an owner on the community.

User name: You can use anything here you wish but we recommend you use your name. Please do not use spaces if you can as this can lead to problens when logging in. This will be the name you use to log into the site.

Email: This must be a valid email address. The system will email you and request confirmation of receipt of your emil address.

Your Address on the Community: You must complete this with the exact address of your property on the community. Ie. Floor, Apartment/house number etc. The fuller the entry here the easier it will be to identify you!

Password: Please enter a password you want to use to enter the site. We suggest you do not use the same password as you might for your online banking etc but something you can easily remember. The minimum is 3 characters but we suggest you use at least 6 and incorporate numbers and capital letters if you can.

Verify Password: Please repeat the password to ensure you did not enter it incorrectly.

Captcha: Please enter a tick in the box to confirm you are not a robot. There may be a follow up selection of pictures which you will have to select based on the question given. Thjis helps prevent spam and robots trying to enter the site.

Finally click the "Register" button. and you should get a message as follows:

Your account has been created and an activation link has been sent to the email address you entered. Note that you must activate the account by clicking on the activation link when you get the email before you can login.

What Happens Next - IMPORTANT!

After you click the registration button you will be sent an email to confirm the email address given is correct and working. If you entered an email address that you dont get or is not correct you wont get the confirmation and your registration will not be processed.

1st Email

The 1st email will just confirm the email address is valid. Within the email is a link which you will need to click to confirm receipt. After you do this you will be taken to the website again and a message will be displayed.

Your account has been successfully activated and waiting for admin to approve it before you can login!

You must now wait until the administrator approves your registration. This can take up to 48 hours depending on bank holidays etc but is normally done within 24 hours. If you have not had a response within 48 hours please ensure you have clicked the link in the first email. If you are still unsure email the webmaster at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

2nd Email

This will just confirm that your request has been received and that you will need to wait for approval before you can log in.

3rd Email

Finally once your registration has been approved you will receive another email to confirm this...

Your account at your Community Website is approved and now you can login

 How To Log In

To log in go to any of the links to the login areas of the site. There is one on the top menu and one on the left column.

Enter your username and password and click "Login"

You can also select to remember your password if you are using certain web browsers. This will save having to enter the username and password each time you enter the site.

You will be shown on the screen as logged in with an option to Logout should you wish.

Where and How To Browse The Site

The site has 3 areas of navigation. These all lead to the same content and are provided to help to get to the articles qucikly and easily.

The left column has quick links to the content on the site as does the top menu.

The home page has categories within the centre which when clicked will take you into the next level within that category. Just click the categories you want to view and you will have a summary of the articles content. Click the articles "Read More" and you will get the full article. 

Help & Support 

If you need help get in contact with your administrator or your president or you can email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Latest News

2019 Aviso AGO

Estimado Propietario:

Le comunicamos que la Asamblea General Ordinaria del próximo año se celebrará el 25 de Abril de 2020 (sábado), a las 10,30 horas en primera convocatoria y a las 11,00 horas en segunda.

Por favor, anote esta fecha en su agenda.


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2019 Notice of AGM

Dear Owner,

Please note that the Annual General Meeting for the community of Amapolas V will take place on Saturday the 25th of April 2020. The first call for the meeting will be at 10.30 am followed by the second call ( and the start of the meeting) at 11am.

Please make a note of the date in your diary.

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Gota Fria 2019

You will all have heard of the worst Gota fria storms that hit our area recently.

Owners you will be pleased to hear that our community survived relatively unscathed. A few houses had water ingress through the back door vents due to the force of the rain but nothing to worry about. People a few miles away were far less fortunate than us.

Our beaches were hit hard but the council has almost returned them to their blue flag status.

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Comportamiento Incívico

Estimado Propietario,

Asunto: Comportamiento Incivico

La semana pasada tuvo que venir a nuestra Urbanizacion la Guardia Civil por el comportamiento incívico de algunas personas usando la piscina a las 02:00 Horas de la mañana.

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Anti Social Behaviour

Dear Owner

Re. Anti Social Behaviour

Last week the Guardia Civil were called to our urbanisation as a result of the anti social behaviour of some people using the swimming pool at 2 am.

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