Community Rules & Regulations


Community Rules & Regulations
Please read and observe


All occupants, no matter what their status, of houses belonging to the owners association “RESIDENCIAL PARCELA 12 U.E. Nº 10" are required to respect the following regulations.

Art. 1. - The common elements will be used as established in the Spanish Law “Ley de Propiedad Horizontal“. (The horizontal property law.). All building work and alterations to the exterior of the property must be pre authorized using the official form. Owners who fail to comply and who subsequently receive complaints may be required to restore the building to its original condition.

Art. 2. – Property owners, their relatives, friends, tenants and holiday renters must do their best not to disturb the tranquility of this residential area, and they must try to avoid creating annoying noise etc.

The noise from radios, televisions and other equipment should be regulated so that it cannot be heard outside the house where the equipment is used.

Art. 3. - All neighbors should look after the cleaning of the urbanization. It is not permitted to throw papers, objects or any other kind of rubbish in the streets or on the paving or gardens of the communal parts of the urbanization. Owners must clear up any mess produced by their dogs.

Art. 4. - The rubbish should be deposited in the containers set aside for this use during the hours established by the Local Authority. There must be no disposal of rubbish on the adjoining plots or wasteland.

Art. 5. - The property owners are obliged to maintain their property, house and garden, in good condition, so that the urbanization and the rights of other properties owners are not damaged.

Art. 6. – If property owners, their relatives, friends, tenants and holiday renters can be shown to have caused damage to community property, then the community will charge the owner for rectification. Internal Rules apply not only to property owners, but also to tenants. Consequently, should a tenant cause any damages, the proprietor would be held responsible.

Art. 7- It was agreed at the general meeting that the pool should be open all year round.

Art. 8. - The opening hours for the pool are as follows:

From 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. except Fridays and Saturdays where the pool will remain open from 10 a.m. until midnight for considerate swimmers. Please do not use the pool when it is being cleaned.

Art. 9. – Property owners, their relatives, friends, tenants and holiday renters must ensure that when entering and leaving the pool area, the gate is properly locked. The pool area must be cleaned at night.

Art. 10. - Children under the age of 12 may not be left unaccompanied in the area of the swimming pool. Their parents will be held responsible for any damage they may cause and accidents they may have.

Art. 11. - The following should be respected when using the pool:

-Have a shower before swimming.
-Bathing suits must be worn when in the swimming area.
-Food and drinks are forbidden.
-Diving from the edge of the pool is not permitted.
-The use of fragile materials such as glass etc. is not permitted
-Radios or musical equipment are not allowed.
-No pets allowed.
-No smoking.
-Li-Los, beach balls and other inflatables are not allowed in the pool. Small swimming aids are permissible.

These swimming pool rules are clearly displayed in the pool area as well.

Art. 12. – There are to be no private parties held in the pool or garden area.

Art. 13. - In the communal gardens games and pets are not allowed. Pets should be kept on a leash at all times.

Art. 14. - Drying clothes at the front of the houses, on the lawns or hung from the grills of the windows, is not permitted.

Art. 15. - No caravans or high sided vehicles are to be parked on the property.

Art. 16. - Owners and tenants must not swill their back patios into the community area. Pet hairs and excrement are unhygienic.

Art. 17. - The Association will hang notice boards so that people become familiar with these regulations.

Art. 18. - All property owners will ensure that, their relatives, friends, tenants and holiday renters have read the rules and will comply with them, by placing a copy in a permanent position within the house and supplying a copy with the tenancy/rental contract.

Art. 19. - The community will operate zero tolerance when it comes to compliance with the safety rules around the pool. Any repeated violations or abusive/violent response when offenders are asked to comply will be dealt with by the police.

Art. 20. - The community cannot be held responsible for accident or injury which arises from contravention of the safety rules or dangerous and irresponsible behavior in the garden or pool areas.

Art. 21. - Persons renting property are not allowed pets of any sort. Owners must not rent out their property to prospective tenants who have pets.


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2019 Aviso AGO

Estimado Propietario:

Le comunicamos que la Asamblea General Ordinaria del próximo año se celebrará el 25 de Abril de 2020 (sábado), a las 10,30 horas en primera convocatoria y a las 11,00 horas en segunda.

Por favor, anote esta fecha en su agenda.


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2019 Notice of AGM

Dear Owner,

Please note that the Annual General Meeting for the community of Amapolas V will take place on Saturday the 25th of April 2020. The first call for the meeting will be at 10.30 am followed by the second call ( and the start of the meeting) at 11am.

Please make a note of the date in your diary.

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Gota Fria 2019

You will all have heard of the worst Gota fria storms that hit our area recently.

Owners you will be pleased to hear that our community survived relatively unscathed. A few houses had water ingress through the back door vents due to the force of the rain but nothing to worry about. People a few miles away were far less fortunate than us.

Our beaches were hit hard but the council has almost returned them to their blue flag status.

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Comportamiento Incívico

Estimado Propietario,

Asunto: Comportamiento Incivico

La semana pasada tuvo que venir a nuestra Urbanizacion la Guardia Civil por el comportamiento incívico de algunas personas usando la piscina a las 02:00 Horas de la mañana.

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Anti Social Behaviour

Dear Owner

Re. Anti Social Behaviour

Last week the Guardia Civil were called to our urbanisation as a result of the anti social behaviour of some people using the swimming pool at 2 am.

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